Eurorack modular: the never-ending story

Ha, in February I wrote about the start of the modular part in the studio. Since then the box has slowly been filled with various modules: the Random Sampling and Pan & Scan modules from Mark Verbos, the Multistage sequencer and a second Complex Oscillator have been added. Oh, and not to forget the very good sounding Doepfer Wasp filter
Besides that a Intellijel Polaris filter (think early Roland SH series The system is slowly coming to an end. Next week the Audio Damage Sequencer 1 will arrive. After that I’d like to add a few more modules: a quad LFO from XAOC, and maybe the PDO oscillator with filter and tripple VCA from WMD.
One thing is clear, at least for me: you *must* set yourself an end goal, or otherwise you get lost and you quickly fall into the trap of the syndrome we’ll all know: GAS. For me it will end with two three-rows Doepfer cases.

My own experiences so far are that quality control (Verbos, Moog) and bug fixing (ADDAC) are not on great levels unfortunately. I had to send back quite a few modules(!), even though you might expect high quality considering the prices with some brands (Verbos). Then again: his modules are insanely musical and good sounding, plus I do understand that most brands are 1 or 2 employee “companies”. But it is something you might want to consider before stepping into this world.

Next step: some well-developed music with the system of course.
To be continued…