SCD Music 1981-2015

Under the “Music” popup menu you will find all SCD recordings made since 1981, categorized by year.
Songs, demo’s, ideas: everything that has been captured to tape machines, DAT and computer.

It’s a colorful collection of compositions that range from Beatles-alike song structures to complete chaos and ambient pieces. Some pretty well recorded, most demo alike. There are some YouTube video’s floating around too, that are added to the various pages.

Most of these recordings have been made with synthesizers. But there are electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, acoustic piano’s, Fender Rhodes’s, a Yamaha CP-70, and even a real Mellotron once stood in my living room.
The synthesizers range from old analogs (Moogs, Yamahas, Korgs, Rolands etc.) to modern digitals and analogs (like the Alesis Andromeda, Roland V-Synth, DSIs, Waldorf and Clavia synths and many more), then there is (semi-)modular stuff (Cwejman S1 MK2, eurorack modular, Moog Voyager XL) and a lot of software, mostly sample based (Toontrack, Ableton packages, GForce MTron, Ivory Grand Piano, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Arturia V synths, Native Instruments).
For drums and percussion there are numerous drum machines used through the years: again both hardware and software, digital and analog.

Another important ingredient has always been FX pedals: delays, flangers, phasers, distortions, reverbs and pitch shifters: everything that adds unique flavors to a tone was and is and will always be welcome in the studio.
If you like gear lists: check out the gear list! 🙂 I’ve tried to list every single piece of equipment used on the SCD recordings.

But most importantly: enjoy the music!